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Bud's Benz Engine Detailing Service

Engine detailing
This is Bruce Wood's 1967 250SL engine. The engine was recently detailed at our shop. A full evaluation was completed to determine what the engine required before work began. Since the engine had good compression and good leak down pressures, nothing was done to the cylinder head or engine block. Every engine detail job differs in scope of work and cost, but the basic job is the same.

Did you know?
You can ship your engine to Bud's and have us detail it or do a full rebuild. When it's ready, we'll ship it back to you.

Call us at 800.942.8444 for more info!

Engine detailing2
Detailed 450SL Engine

An Engine Detailing Encompasses:

  • Pull engine from car
  • Completely dissassemble engine
  • Bead-blast & clear coat numerous parts and pieces
  • Paint serveral items
  • Replace or rebuild most of the attaching parts to the engine (injection pump, valve cover gasket, starter, alternator, etc.)
  • Yellow plate several fuel lines and misc. parts
  • Paint relays, booster, water lines and replace heater and water hoses
  • Assemble engine, put back in car
  • Set up engine on engine diagnostic computer to adjust for correct idle and acceleration
Engine detailing3
Detailed 450SL Engine

Mr. Woods' engine did not have to be replaced. It was completely taken apart and detailed. People send their SL's and Sedans to us from all over the country for this type of work. Presently, there are four cars going through this type of detail work. If you are interested in an engine detail package, we would like to talk to you!

For more information or if you have any questions, either send us an email or give us a call us at 800.942.8444.

Engine Detail Service Images

Take a look at some images below of an engine detail Bud's did on this 113 chassis. To see more images, go to our Restoration Portfolio and click on 'Engine Detailing' on the right hand side.

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